Why not use our extensive range of native and exotic animals, birds and reptiles to enhance your students’ education?

Allow them to get up close and personal with wildlife.

Visiting schools can choose the following options to suit their visit:


Visit the park and do your own thing. We will include a koala patting session whilst you are at the park.


Has your class been studying wildlife? Why not include one of our educational keeper sessions in your visit and build on what your students have been learning in the classroom.

Our experienced wildlife handlers will present a 30 minute structured keeper session to your class which will include a hands on experience with a variety of different animals, birds or reptiles.

These sessions take place as a guided tour/walking classroom with your keeper.

Our hands on approach encourages active involvement and the development of mutual trust between students and animals.

The delicate balance of our ecosystem and the need for conservation are highlighted through this interactive approach with animals.

Excursion Costs

Option 1 : $7-00 per student
Option 2 : $9-00 per student

One teacher is admitted free of charge per every 10 students. Extra teachers/adults/parents are $10-00 each.
Please contact us on (08) 8389 2206 or email info@gorgewildlifepark.com.au for further information on school visits

* Educational keeper sessions are only held during South Australian school terms.