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Koala Encounter

Want to meet one of Gorge’s cuddliest friends? Get an up close and personal experience with our beautiful koalas while learning about these iconic Australian marsupials. An opportunity to have private cuddle time and create special memories.

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Koala Holding

(Public Session)

Have a cuddly encounter with one of our beautiful koalas! An experience you don’t want to miss - and our park is one of the few places in South Australia where you can actually hold a koala. Book Now

Meerkat Encounter

Join our Meerkat mob in this amazing interactive experience. Accompany our keepers in getting up close and personal in their exhibit, take a seat, feed them some tasty snacks and watch them eat right out of your lap! All this while learning fun and interesting facts about these adorable animals.

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Ring-Tailed Lemur Encounter

If you like to 'Move it, Move it' just like King Julian, you will love getting up close and personal with our very own Ring-tailed Lemurs. Take a seat and hand feed them some of their favourite treats.

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Reptile Encounter

Meet one of our dedicated reptile keepers in this fun and fact filled experience with one or two of our reptile residents here at Gorge Wildlife Park.If you love animals of the scaled variety then this encounter is for you.

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