Our Wildlife

Australian Animals

See all your favourite Aussie animals such as Dingoes, Tasmanian Devils, Wombats, Echidnas, the unusual Fruit Bats, Ghost Bats, Bilby and more. Walk amongst and feed the Kangaroos and Wallabies including the white (albino) varieties. There are Koalas to view in their trees or enjoy a cuddle at one of our holding sessions.

Exotic Animals

We have a variety of monkey species including White-handed Gibbons, playful Capuchin Monkeys, the small Cotton-top Tamarins and Common Marmosets, Ring-tailed Lemurs and Spider Monkeys.

A colony of curious Meerkats is everyone’s favourite as are the Oriental Small-Clawed Otters. The statue-like American Alligators make you wonder if they are actually alive!


With over a 150 species of birds we have everything from the smallest Wrens to the largest Ostrich. Our birds include a vast variety of parrots, cockatoos, birds of prey, land birds such as the Emu, Cassowary and others.

As well as birds in aviaries we have many free flying species. See the beautiful peacocks roaming the park and the spectacular colours of the Rainbow Lorikeets when they come in to feed.

Our lake areas display a large range of waterbirds including many wild birds that come in to feed. Walk-in aviaries allow you to view our beautiful birds from the inside of their displays.

Rainforest Rescue has initiated the Save the Cassowary campaign in collaboration with Zoo Aquarium Association partner zoos, government departments, local councils, Girringun Aboriginal Corporation and business partners to highlight the plight of the endangered ‘Rainforest Gardener’, the Southern Cassowary. We are proud to be a Campaign Partner of this project.

Current estimates fear fewer than 1,000 birds are left in the Australian wild. Visit www.savethecassowary.org.au today for more information and to find out how you can help the Endangered Southern Cassowary.


Outdoor enclosures display many native reptiles such as Lace Monitors, Water and Bearded Dragons, Blue-tongue Lizards, Sleepy Lizards and Turtles.

Our new reptile house has some intriguing displays housing both exotic and native reptiles including Common Green Iguanas, Gila Monsters and snakes such as Boa Constrictors, Corn Snakes, Carpet Snakes and Children’s Python. You will also find fish, frogs and small marsupials. These displays will keep you looking for more!