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Welcome to the
Gorge Wildlife Park

A place where people
and animals get together!

Australian and Exotic Animals

See all your favourite Australian animals such as Tasmanian Devils, Wombats, Dingos, Echidnas and more. Walk amongst and feed the Kangaroos and Wallabies and enjoy a cuddle with one of our Koalas.

We have a variety of exotic animals on display such as American Alligators, Meerkats, Otters, playful Monkeys and more.

Birds and Reptiles

A vast range of birds from Fairy Wrens to Ostriches and everything in between, some in enclosures but many free flying including a free range colony of rainbow lorikeets.

Discover snakes, lizards, frogs and mammals in our new reptile house. Some very interesting displays that will keep you looking for more!

Cuddle a Koala

Koala Sessions will be cancelled from 20/03/20 until further notice due to the current Coronavirus pandemic. Koalas remain on display for your viewing. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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